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What People Say About What I Do!

Below you can see what people who have read some of my work think about it.

Necropolis Rising Series

'Necropolis Rising is a neatly balanced combination of action, polite English apocalypse and smart, tightly designed pulp. It's assured, tightly plotted and consistently surprising, marking it out as something very different in an increasingly crowded market. If you like your thrills undead, then you need to read this' - Alasdair Stuart, British Fantasy Society.

'If you're looking for a zombie novel that's a little different from the pack then Necropolis Rising is for you' - The Undead Review.com.


'A great read which I hope will become a trilogy. If you liked the David Wellington Monster series, I think you''l love this' - Sean Page, Ministry of Zombies.com.

'Jeffery knows how to write action and his major set pieces are all superbly staged, dragging the reader along in a tumble of incidents.  A must for fans of zombie fiction, definitely, but also for those who like their horror to be well-written good fun.  Featuring a suitably bleak ending, I really enjoyed this and would highly recommend it' - Mark West, British Fantasy Award nominated author of Drive and The Mill.

'Leaves you feeling tense whenever a set of characters enter a troublesome situation as there is no guarantee they all will survive it. All of that makes for an exciting story.' - Games, Braaains & a Headbanging Life.com


Finding Jericho

'Jeffery has created a fantastic text for adolescents who are carers or service users themselves' - The Madness and Literature Network.

'Written with poignancy rather than platitude; a fantastic mix of comedy and tragedy' - Royal College of Nursingís Mental Health Practice Magazine.


Beatrice Beecham Series

'Dave Jeffery has created a tale that is intelligent and fun from start to finish. This is one romping adventure!'  - The Baxter Bulletin.

'This is a great feast with course after course of satisfying dishes. Excellent!'  - Bookreview.com.

'A great novel with believable characters and a dark atmosphere ... Beatrice Beecham's Cryptic Crypt is a book you MUST read!' - Mass Movement Magazine.

Campfire Chillers

'If you're a teenager or you've got teenage kids, and you're bored of the usual urban legends that have been retold a hundred times, this is the book for you. And if you're going camping, be sure to pack a copy!' - Gingernuts of Horror.com.

'These stories are grisly and macabre ... laced with gory humour and gruesome details.' - Carys Bray, Edge Hill Prize-winning author of The Museum of You.


'The story is compelling and even poignant. Ascension is a gem' - Gary McMahon, award winning author of The Concrete Grove Trilogy.

'Ascension is a smart, moving zombie short with intelligence and heart to spare' - Simon Kurt Unsworth, bestselling author of The Devilís Detective and The Devilís Evidence.